Our Mission:

Launched in 2018 in memory of Saja Tourbah Dada, The Saja Foundation aims to bring art therapy to cancer wards and support emerging artists.

Support Emerging Artists: We will work closely with Outset Contemporary Art Fund,
harnessing their expertise and knowledge of the UK and international art world. We aim to create a
legacy by supporting artists in public institutions and facilitate the acquisition of their works to
museums and galleries internationally. This will form the Saja Foundation Portfolio. As Outset’s
partner our donations will not only help to fund these projects but also grant the Saja Foundation
great exposure
We are forming new relationships everyday and will update you once our agreements are aligned.

Provide Art Workshops and Therapy for Patients: In a cyclical scheme, we want to make an investment inpeople to do good. As a result, the supported artists and students will contribute to the Charity’sgoals through involvement in art workshops at cancer wards in the UK and Lebanon. Additionally,a percentage of the funding will be used to provide professional art therapists. Our aim is toprovide an artistic outlet for children and young adults to cope with the serious hardships that areassociated with cancer.

Lebanon: In collaboration with ‘My School Pulse’ Charity, professional art therapists will be hired
alongside volunteers to provide art therapy workshops at 7 different hospital wards across Beirut.
United Kingdom: In close collaboration with Outset, we will organise art workshops in
cooperation with artists and curators in hospitals in Greater London.
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