“The more we miss something, the more beautiful may become that which we have to mobilize in order to endure absence”  Martin Walser".


Saja's final works (RE) DEEM the (R) Evolution 1990-2017

“Nothing has changed the nature of man so much as the loss of silence… Silence no longer exists as a world, but only in fragments, as the remains of a world.” (Quoted by Max Picard, ”The World of Silence).

I have set out on a passage to find and preserve the lost silence; one that will unfold the layers of a place I call home. Along the path, traces of cultural heritage appear and shades of history fade. The passage through is a pulsing rhythm where one experiences the fear, hope, disruption, awareness and sometimes, an enduring calm. As I draw away from the path, the built-scape tucks into nature and opens up to the water. I pause. Is it possible to endure such conditions of transience, while also proposing a gradient of awareness that will preserve and hold the cultural heritage? Saja Tourbah Dada

Description of works 1990-2017:

A dark charcoal line, infinitely tracing the horizon. Thicker at times, trembling at others. Carving the upper and lower ground. Capturing all the depths of our universe. Decaying materiality, invigorating matter, transforming layers. Timeless landscapes, intertwining fragments, emerging earthly substances. Vanishing accumulations, embracing dimensions, transporting beauty. Lina Ghotmeh