“As one wall is the entrance to the world that we question, the following is the journey that we will soon travel.”  Saja Tourbah, Final Work, (RE)DEEM THE (R)EVOLUTION, RISD 2014.

Saja, a tranquil power, a silent vigor, is the crisp ingenuity of an assertive hand holding the promise of an everlasting desirable architecture. Born on the 31st of May 1990 on the dawn of a war-torn Beirut decaying in its ruin but emerging with the promise of its reconstruction; Saja was destined to become more than an Architect, an Artist of matter.

Raised by the immense horizon of the Mediterranean Sea, aside her loving mother Salwa Al Ghuneim and the the exceptional persona of the architect Assouman Tourbah, her beloving father and mentor; Saja a ‘cuisto’ of nature had the “eye of the Architect”.

"Saja will continue to remind us that beauty is a necessity, that there will never be an age for creation, that forms can be exquisite expressions of their matter. Her works are inspirational embodiments of a passion that is not able to fade away. A passion that would outlive her body, and that would persevere into supporting and spreading beauty where it is most needed in this boundless and furtive world." Lina Ghotmeh.

“As I draw away from the path, the built-scape tucks into nature and opens up to the water. I pause.” Saja Tourbah, Final Work, (RE)DEEM THE (R)EVOLUTION, RISD 2014.



"Saja left us with a simple yet powerful skill and it is simply the art of smiling in the face of challenges, in happiness and in sorrow, to smile when hope is volatile, to smile for the young and the old, for the friendships and for the lovers, to smile when no one can find the courage to do so and to smile for the beauty of life and simply for the act of smiling". Karim Dada

A few words from her family:

"Not only a sister, but also my greatest companion, Saja was able to teach me how to follow my dreams and appreciate the world we live in. In times like these, I have preserved what Saja has taught me in order to persevere and achieve pure happiness within myself and with others. She has paved the way and taught us to appreciate the simplest aspects life has to offer. While we dwell on difficulties, we forget to enjoy the greatest moment itself. Saja, the truest beauty, inside and out will forever be in our hearts, forever reminding us of this message. " Saria Tourbah